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Conceptual Hand Drawings

Tell Travis and his team what your desires are whether building a home or remodeling and Travis will create a hand-drawn conceptual drawings including floor plans, renderings, and a perspective. You can take the drawings and hire another architect or contractor or if we are a good fit, Travis can bring your idea into reality!

This will help you get a visual understanding of what your building will look like. Starting with hand drawings is a quicker way to make decisions especially if you’re not sure what you want.

It’s also easier to make changes at the hand drawing stage which will save you money in the long run.

In addition, hand drawings can speed up the process so you are in your happy place sooner than later!

3D Drawings

Being able to see your new home or remodel in 3D is worth its weight in gold! Why? Because you can make changes at this inexpensive stage rather than at the architectural stage which is pricey.

You are going to a lot of trouble to build or remodel your residence. Why not make sure you’re absolutely happy with the direction you are going? Be sure to have us do your 3D architectural color renderings!

This will help make decisions easier which lessens stress. Ultimately that will save money because it’s easier to make changes at this stage. And you will feel much more confident in making decisions and trust us, there will be many decisions to make!

You will feel truly excited about the “happy place” we will create for you!

Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD) Conceptual Drawings

Once we have your approved hand drawings and/or 3D modeling drawings, we can design the drawings into our CAD software. This would include a perspective, floor plans, side elevations, and a front elevation.

Of course, you can start here if you are reasonably sure of the vision for your building.

This step is a leap forward into reality as size and scale is part and parcel of drawing the plans.

This gives you an idea of what the building will realistically look like. Making the bulk of the changes in this stage will save you money. You will start to get an idea of what the building will cost and you can make changes if desired or needed.

This saves you time and money in the process which eases stress and ensures you will have your “happy place.”

Design Development

Once the CAD concept plan is approved, Travis can make a Design Development set of plans for you.

In addition to the perspectives, elevations, and floor plans, Travis will add sections, roof plans, a foundation plan, and site plans. He will also create your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans, if needed. That depends on what the plan review requires.

Once you approve, he will send you a review copy and you can send it to a contractor who can bid you a price for the construction. Or we can make contractor recommendations and in either case we can send the plans to the contractors directly.

This is the best absolutely last place to make changes especially before going on to finalizing the construction drawings. This phase helps you make the final decisions about the features of your building so it will enable you to be on time and on budget, saving you money and stress.


Then you truly will have your happy place!

Architectural Drawings and Plans

Once you approve the plans, then Travis will move on to the last and final stage–creating the Architectural/Construction Drawing Set. Once this is finished, he will send the plans electronically to your contractor of choice and they will submit these for approval in your city’s regional building/plan review department and if necessary, Travis will include his architectural stamp. You may need other professionals to also stamp your plans, such as structural engineers. Travis works with an experienced engineer that can help you if you desire.

If there are any surprises (and plan review departments usually do have them, especially since COVID increased regulations), he will make the required changes to make sure your project passes through the permitting process.

This ensures the permitting approval will go through and the necessary changes will be made. This saves a lot of headache for you as getting through the permitting process is increasingly difficult. A licensed architect will be able to resolve these challenges saving you money, frustration, stress, and time and ensuring you gets the building you desire. Travis has been working with the plan review department in the Springs and other towns in Colorado since 2001.

Then you will get your building permit and your space will become your happy place!

Plus, if you would like Travis to consult on site during the construction phase with your contractor, he includes some hours to do so in your contract price, ensuring that the work is being done according to the plans.

Inspections save you time, money, and stress and ensures your building will be made according to plan, so that it is a success.

So you get the happy place you desire!


Find Your “Happy Place!”


What makes Travis different

What makes Travis different is that he is thorough and detailed and he designs sturdy and appealing structures that will serve occupants well for a lifetime. His thoroughness makes your construction process easier! 

Design Services

We provide comprehensive design services and so our clients get their plans through the building department with a reasonable minimum of hassle and mistakes, making the actual construction phase easier and less prone to costly last-minute changes.



Detailed Plans

With our firm, you get all the plans you need: architectural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, plumbing, and site planning if requested. Travis is thorough and detail-oriented. He takes pride in his work.

Robust Design

Are you looking for a design that will keep you safe during threats such as weather disasters? Travis can design your house in ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). Your safety and the sturdiness of your home is his number one passion and is of utmost importance to him! And your house will be more sustainable, too, saving you more in the long run for heating and cooling costs. Plus you will be helping the planet!

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