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I work with individual homeowners desiring to design build. I work with investors/developers who are looking for commercial design. I work with construction contractors who are looking for design services and consultation. My specialty is Insulated Concrete Forms.

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Architectural Conceptual Rendering


Architectural CD Sets


Site Planning


Structural Drawings


Mechanical, Planning, and Engineering Drawings



What is different about me?

I am an expert in Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and work with

contractors who specialize in this technology.


ICF is superior to stick building because it withstands severe weather,

is truly "green" in that it provides insulation, and protects occupants

from unfortunate accidents.


Very few architects understand this technology or want to provide drawing

services for it at all.


ICF building is competitive with conventional building and will save

you money in the long term. It also meets the requirements of

heat loss and energy efficiency.

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